Must Have Free WordPress Plugins 2017

04 January 2017
by Roman Nazarkin

Nowadays it’s a difficult task to pick the best set of plugins from dozens available for your WordPress site. Our customers ask us for some advices on this topic. So we have decided to move all our accumulated knowledge into this article Free WordPress Plugins 2017. Many of these plugins we’re actually using for our themes.

free wordpress plugins 2017The first one it the most frequently recommended plugin by me. I can’t imagine a complex website without custom post types in our days. And sometimes it is needed to change the order of, for example, testimonials, photos, portfolio items and etc. Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin provides very convenient drag & drop ajax-based solution for this problem.

Custom CSS and JavascriptThis plugin would be very helpful if you need to make some changes to the original design of your theme. Without worrying about theme updates. It comes with built-in support for CSS and JS minification, automatic revision management. Also does not contain any ads and PRO version teasers.

W3 Total CacheOne of the most important parts in website building is the performance optimisation. WordPress comes out of the box poorly optimised, W3 Total Cache plugin takes care about this task. It has tons of professional features and it is completely free. We’re using this plugin on each our website and strongly recommend it.

WP Smush Image OptimizationWP Smush is the helper for previous plugin. It takes care about your images. When you upload a new picture it will strip useless data from file and compress it with settings you set, as a result this will make your site’s pages a little bit lighter and faster to load. The main benefit of this plugin is that it does not require any setup. Just activate it and it will start to work.

Wordfence SecurityWordfence Security combines best techniques in a one simple but very powerful solution. The main benefits of this plugin for us:

To be continued..

We have picked more than 10 awesome plugins for you. But this too much for a single blog post, so we’ll split this into two separate articles. Please stay tuned, next article will be released soon. Meantime you can subscribe for our newsletter in the form below. 🙂


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