6 Tips for Wedding Photography Business

02 April 2017
by Dima Cebanas

wedding photography business

If you have a wedding photography business, you know the importance of presenting yourself in a way that makes the customer feel they are in good hands for their special day. People get married only once or twice in a lifetime, so this fact alone creates a sense of importance that it should be done right and in a way that is professional and impressive. But how do you gain the clientele you need to make your business take off? Try these tips to get started.

1. Communicate quality through your website

One important way to let customers know that your work is unique and artistic is to show them what you can do. Remember a wedding day is special. So first make sure your work communicates that point in the elegant style and the way that you photograph the event. This attention to detail and elegance should also show up in your website and your blog.

2. Have a dedicated wedding blog

If you have a wedding photography business, you should have a dedicated wedding blog that allows you to discuss wedding photography topics and techniques. Use the blog to write non-sales copy that gives potential customers information as to how you will photograph their special event. Blogging allows you the opportunity to hear from customers also as to what they like or dislike about your business so that you can give them what they want. It also communicates that you care about what they think. Make it special. Let them know that your photography business is about them. How can you make their day something to always remember?

3. Show pictures of your recent work

If you are in the photography business, you must show samples of your photos. Just telling people how beautiful your wedding photography is will not be enough to convince them that you are the photographer they want. Instead, show it in pictures, so that there is no denying how much artistic quality you put into your work for their particular day.

4. Send out flyers with your website on it

One of the best advertising techniques nowadays is to correlate your real-world advertising campaign with your online website and digital ads. By placing your website and email on flyers you send out, you will increase the likelihood of local customers finding your site and seeing your work.

5. Make the ordering process easier

Take a look at your website and make sure the navigation is user-friendly. How difficult is it to go from your sales page to the ordering page? Is it easy to place and order on your site? These things should be simple from the user’s perspective so that, once they have decided to do business with you, it will be easy to move from your sales page to a final sale.

6. Use your main page as a sales lead magnet

Remember that your website is not only for making new sales. You should also use your site for attracting potential customers. Create an autoresponder on your main page so people can sign up for your updates and get your information. All you need to ask for is their name and email address. Then you can contact them on a regular basis when you have new offers and specials.

Final notes

There is no magic formula for making your wedding photography business soar. However, by having an attractive website displaying your work, making your work of the highest quality, and using a blog to communicate what you do, you will have a good start on improving your client base. Remember to send out flyers with your website on them and make the order process easy too. Try these tips to take your wedding photography business to new levels. Communicate quality and artistic ability, not practicality. Remember it’s their wedding day and it only comes around once or twice in a lifetime.

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